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A French wholesaler in the Sentier Mode in Lyon

The Sentier Mode in Lyon, wholesaler district, anchored for several decades in the 6th district of Lyon, provides fashion professionals with accessories and ready-to-wear clothing for men, women and children.

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Carla Raffi is the unmissable supplier of the Sentier Mode in Lyon of women's clothing and accessories.

Since its four stores on the rue Molière, Carla Raffi distributes its products to many players in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and metropolitan France.

Four stores, four atmospheres

These four boutiques have products and different atmospheres according to the seasons:

  1. Italian store : All the ready-to-wear fashion from Italy selected by your French wholesaler. You will also find the exclusive brand Giulia Notte, our label manufactured in Italy.
  2. Accessories store : Every seasonal accessories (bags, scarves, hats, ...)
  3. Jean store : A selection of jeans and jackets.
  4. Sweaters and knitted products store : Our speciality since 1997, a large choice of sweaters and knitted products from any provenance selected by your French ready-to-wear wholesaler.

Various clothing and accessories for women

At Carla Raffi, we strive to select products with high commercial value so that ready-to-wear retail boutiques can satisfy their customers.

Many looks are possible with our clothes, there's a product for everyone.

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